Because itís a new and different kind of music world out there, Big Dot Records was created to introduce you to music entertainment in a vast range of genres, performed by a wide variety of artists. Our goal is to bring a broad and divergent scope of audio experiences to stimulate and evoke a positive response from every listener. Be it an impulse to sing along, laugh, tap your foot, or just get up and dance Ė from a TV icon who adores singing with his beautiful and talented wife, to a Pop Country music star who sings his favorite Brazilian music, to an as yet unknown Mexican romantic whose original love songs will touch your soul, Big Dot's vision is to bring you music that is authentic, honest and just simply makes you feel....something. In an age of record companies stumbling, hurting, and some even disappearing, we have no desire to be a Hip Hop label, a Jazz label, Rock, Country, or any other kind of singular style of music label. It is the thought process that helped us in the choosing of our name. Realistically, we are all in agreement that the world is after all, just one big olí dot Ö. in a never ending Universe of other Big Dots.