Yes, yes ... it's true! Regis HAS LEFT the show ! But now you can take him home with the Regis Celebration DVD and CD. View some of Regis' favorite moments from the family album, go behind the scenes in the recording studio. Hear the gorgeous music CD of some of your favorite standards. 

"Regis & Joy really do make beautiful music together, and if you listen very  closely you can hear  them ... Still busting each others chops"
Whoopie Goldberg

"Take Regis & Joy home with you - great music, great fun, 
  the best house guests ....ever! "
 - Paul Shaffer

"They sound so good, and so natural, with great song choices"
- Tony Bennett

"David Letterman said, Regis is the only reason to own a TV. 
  Now Regis and Joy have given us a good reason to own a CD player, 
  Joy can really sing" - Sandy Kenyon -WABC News

Or... Have Yourself A
 Regis Experience!